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What is USDT — Tether coin meaning in cryptocurrency

Industry analysis

USDT (Tether) is the world's most popular stablecoin backed to the US$ by 1:1. As Forbes Adviser states, its market cap for June 2024 is about $112.9 billion.

Why did this happen and what is USDT coin? The fact is that the rates of major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are subject to high volatility, which creates risks for investments and makes it difficult to use them as a means of payment. Therefore, stablecoins are gaining popularity because they are tied to the exchange rate of fiat assets and have minimal fluctuations in value.

From the blog, you will learn how USDT works, why it has achieved top positions in the crypto market, and what prospects it has for now.


What is USDT?


So, what is USDT currency? USDT (United States Dollar Tether) is a digital coin that works as a digital token built on several blockchain protocols, including the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Algor and OMG blockchains, EOSIO (EOS), Tron (TRK) and SLP. These available options allow you to create more assets in your blockchains. By the way, it is the Ethereum blockchain that currently occupies the largest market for USDT.

Tether is a stablecoin fixed by the US dollar. It becomes possible until the creators keep a reserve of dollars equal to the amount of USDT to support the currency.


Comparison with other stablecoins


Well, what is USDT meaning? Let's highlight some differences between USDT and other stablecoins first. 

  • Tether was the first digital coin that simplified exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat money and back. On P2P exchanges and private exchangers, traders prefer USDT. 

  • This stablecoin is represented in almost all leading blockchain networks, which greatly simplifies its use and integration.

  • USDT is a universal stablecoin as it has become a link in the crypto ecosystem. 

  • Tether's USDT differs significantly from other stablecoins (for example, USDC) in its independence and lack of direct regulation by the authorities.


USDT Currency


How does the USDT currency work? The USDT token is created by exchanging dollars for a cryptocurrency, and then this cryptocurrency is stored in special accounts. Each issued USDT must be backed by an equivalent in real dollars in Tether Ltd accounts. 

Here are several crucial features of Tether meaning:

  • Pegged to US$. This means that one unit of USDT is usually equal to one US$. This is done by storing reserves, such as fiat currency or other assets, to maintain a record value in American money.

  • Digital transactions. Like other cryptocurrencies, USDT operates within the framework of the blockchain, which is essentially an electronic decentralized registry.

  • Usage of Crypto exchanges. Tether is mainly used on crypto exchanges, as it makes it possible to avoid the volatility commonly seen in BTC and Ethereum. It allows traders to hedge themselves with less volatile assets without having to convert them back into fiat currency.


USDT Transactions Specifics


By bypassing the usual fees associated with traditional financial transactions, USDT allows companies to reduce costs. Its global availability eliminates the need for intermediaries in international transactions, making payments fast and uncomplicated.

Unlike traditional bank transfers, which can be slow, USDT significantly speeds up the speed of transactions. This speed ensures that companies serving an international customer base will not experience unnecessary downtime while waiting for transactions to be completed.

To receive USDT, perform these actions:

  1. Sign up for a reputable crypto payment gateway.

  2. Connect your Tether wallet to the specified platform.

  3. Create an API key in the system.

  4. Select and implement the appropriate checkout integration tools to enable this service on your website.

  5. Ensure compatibility with the relevant blockchain networks, using a compatible wallet.

That's it, and following these guidelines, you will set up the Tether payment tool for accepting USDT.


USDT Advantages


  • Fast transactions. All transfers to Tether, at the expense of the blockchain, take several seconds.

  • Cheap transfers. Such transfers between Tether wallets cost almost nothing, and the fees for exchanging between different cryptocurrencies are low.

  • Stability. Most cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, so USDT attracts traders who do not want to lose money on the collapse of the exchange rate during a transaction.

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USDT definition


Tether Overview


Well, Tether's birthday was in 2014. It was created by Tether Limited, which manages blockchain-based assets and puts them into circulation.

So, USDT is a form of digital representation of the USA fiat currency. For every token issued, the creators must have an equivalent reserve in US$. This measure supports the sustainability of Tether.

Its story developed like this:

  • 2015 — The company announced a partnership with Bitfinex, which strengthened the interaction between the project and the existing crypto market.

  • 2017 — Tether has faced a number of challenges related to auditing and transparency. However, the project continued to exist and did not close.

  • 2020 — The size of the USDT issue has grown to a billion dollars.

  • 2024 — Tether's capitalization exceeded $112 billion, becoming the number-one stablecoin.


USDT in Cryptocurrency


And now, let's discover what USDT is in cryptocurrency? Stablecoins, such as Tether, have become integral components of the entire crypto system. They provide safe and stable digital transactions and open up new opportunities for traders.  ​

Stablecoins are divided into two main categories, the first of which is protected tokens such as Tether. Given currencies are backed by assets such as fiat money or commodities. 

The second one is algorithmic stablecoins, such as Dai from MakerDAO, which do not depend on physical support. Such digital coins use smart contracts and algorithms to manage supply and demand, aiming to keep a stable price via decentralized management and automated processes.


Risks and Controversies


Any crypto token comes with risks, and stablecoins are no exception. The first and most important problem of stablecoins is distrust of issuers, which casts doubt on the stability of cryptocurrencies. Thus, if the issuer does not provide a guarantee for a stablecoin, the token will be disconnected from the underlying asset.

Another risk is possible questions about stablecoins from regulators. Such uncertainty in regulation does not allow for storing large amounts of crypto funds. In addition, there are difficulties in transferring funds from stable coins to fiat currencies.




Currently, there is no universal regulation of stablecoins. Most jurisdictions do not have a well-defined legal framework for them. However, there are prerequisites to assume that the requirements for stablecoins will soon become stricter. 

Stablecoins have long been a big worry for regulators. They are also concerned that these digital coins are the intersection point between the buyer-oriented crypto world and fiat institutions. Ultimately, regulators fear what might happen if USDT becomes systemically significant in the real world without checks and balances.

Therefore, if the regulatory authorities want to close a project, they will have the necessary levers. The centralized nature of stablecoins makes them vulnerable to regulatory pressure.




Well, in the article we have viewed what is Tether, how it works and what benefits it provides for users. 

The Tether digital token, or USDT, is a number-one stablecoin for 2024. The exchange rate is pegged to the US$, which makes it a less volatile financial tool compared to other digital money. 

USDT combines the pros of crypto and fiat money. It allows users to protect their funds from market volatility, participate in trading on exchanges, and make fast international transfers. Due to its stability and widespread use, USDT has become a number-one coin in the digital assets world.


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